Introduction of Robotic Life Cycle

From ancient tradition of Egypt where they adapt the process of healing by sacrificing and continuous praying to God and believing the mystery of Gods hand. They believe that only God will totally cure the diseases. They do some ritual by sacrificing the best animal that brings good aroma to our God. They identify if God accepted or not on aroma.

Indian philosophy adapts the tradition on the Middle East. They believe that science is the best results of healing diseases. The discovery of truth and facts on the herbal plants by the process of mixing different herbs plus culture fusion. They discover through fragrance of herbs they can advise what herbs can be cured the viruses of infected person. Through evolutions of medical technology from ancient to herbal depending on the results of aroma, the scholars exist and scientist exploring the best findings of facts through scientific studies and ideas to discover new approach on healing plus the fast recovery on operations.

The science discovery probes the truth and facts of existing of Robotic Technology helps in field of medicine. Many doctors agree that Robotic operation benefits more in surgical operations in the hospitals. The best example is the robotic surgery for prostate cancer. Many surgeons testified the robotic operations are effective and precise in treating on prostate cancer. Though this facts information, many robotic operations are exist with different procedures. The ZEUS System by Computer Operation, they program the process in operation and the length of healing stages in recovery. The Da Vinci Surgical System is the same with ZEUS but more expensive cost in Robotic Operation.

Discovering in science and technology are stoppable maybe now a day we will surprise the existing of Robot doctors that can talk, advice and handle the operations. Japan is continuously on the process of searching the facts for discovering Robots. In fact, the top government project today is to raise fund to discover the secret of robots and many Robotic technology society establish from government and private sectors on research studies on what more strength can be produce of robots. They believe that one day the existing of robots will multiply and seen to the public. And the Market of this technology are so high, the growth margin in business are increasing, we clip the articles of science on how the result in business in Medical technology..” Worldwide robotically-assisted surgery systems equipment shipment markets are set to have rapid growth. Markets at $626.5 million in 2007 are anticipated to reach $1 billion in 2008 and are forecast to go to $14 billion by 2014….

Imagine how high the market margin in the business today up to 2014 as their business assumption and not only these they expect, they expect more growth because of the market demand, why? Because Medical technology are essential in human, any discovery and exist thought science are guaranteed benefits to us because the main purpose of medical technology is on our health which is totally needed to us. The massive productions in Medical technology are rapidly. Many laboratories and factories constructed to have business for medical technology products because of high demand in hospitals and clinics which is booming in different places. One of the best hospital in Thailand, called Hospital resort, the environment of the hospitals are in the resort and most of the patients are on the high risk stage on operation and most of their equipments are high technology and they use of Robotic Operation and even it’s the high cost they count on the good service, accurate operation and fast recovery. The expenses are high but it’s save lives that profit on health. And that’s the essential point of view in Medical technology, to save life and live a normal person in society.