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“…Through the years of advancements, the positive role of medical technology in making lives are better is undeniable…” ( Everyday, there are new devices, new technologies being discovered. The prospects for the future of medical technology are bright and reach far ahead. The excellent job in Science that constantly improves for better future to save human life, innovation in medical technology seen unstopped, Microchips are making the detection of cancer so much easier and less expensive for fast recovery after operation, Medical technology saves million of people from potentially debilitating disorders keep live more days. Modern diagnostic tools, diseases caught in early stages are highly treatable, and sufferers have high changes for recovery. Medical Technology improves quality of life. Patients with congenital heart disease will have a chance at a treatment without a major open heart surgery on Non-Surgical heart valve replacement, new prosthetic that looks like the real feet, patient feel to live normal lives. Can walk upstairs, can jump, can run fast as they can and it’s not looks like cyborg. A wireless capsule size camera “MicroCam” you don’t need to undergo surgical operation, the micro camera intake inside the body for diagnostic, killing cancer cells “Nano Bubbles” An ultra-high-resolution imaging technique using X-ray diffraction for fulfilling its promise on nanometer-scale structures through operating X-ray machines. The Cancel cell will be killed and live human in a normal life, Prenatal screening “4D” the most popular machines here in Saudi Arabia. I remember when my second baby born here in Saudi Arabia and all my question regarding the situation of the baby is perfectly answered. The doctors not only advising the situation of the baby but they identify on screen the development viewing to the monitor and they can identify the fetal development inside the mother’s womb and they can detect any abnormalities or malformations findings that incase it has they can easily sustain for pre medication, Trident Laser Accelerates Protons To Record Energies - now can accelerate particles to extremely high velocities laser produced radiation for potential future uses in cancer treatment, Cancerous Tumors Without Harming Healthy Cells - this technology can be detect cancerous tumors and deliver treatment to them without the harming the healthy cells surrounds them . The robotic operation, many doctors are testifies the good benefit by using robo-operation, and now a day’s develop in Science are very advance in operational procedures. All of these are the core of science and application in technologies.

Brief History

“…In earliest beginning of human mankind disease was viewed with mystery and was a common occurrence that claimed many lives. It was thought that disease was caused by the negative interaction between environmental elements and body fluids. Hippocrates and Galen were the first documented Western physicians to actively engage in a rudimentary science of healing designed to increase the quality of life for their patients…” (Medical Technology, Contexts and Content in Science and Technology, by: Michael A. De Miranda; A. Mark Doggett; Jane T. Evans.. Copyright © 2005)

As early as 2600 BC, there existed texts that described the diagnosis. Examples, the treatment of 200 diseases in 3rd dynasty Egypt. “…In 500 BC, Bian Que becomes the earliest physician known to use acupuncture and pulse diagnosis. Around the same time in India, Sushruta, a renowned surgeon of ancient India, described over 120 surgical instruments, 300 surgical procedures and classified human surgery in 8 categories. In 220 AD, Zhang Zhongjing publishes Shang Han Lun (On Cold Disease Damage), the oldest complete medical textbook in the world, focusing on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

In 1816, French Physicist Rene Laennec invents the stethoscope.
In 1853, the first syringe with a hypodermic needle was used in Scotland.
In 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered medical use of X-rays in medical imaging.
In 1929, Hans Berger discovers human electroencephalography….” (

Venn Diagram


Veen Diagram illustrate how Medical technologists interact in Society, Government and Corporate. Medical Technologist is appropriate in events measure, devices for Diagnostic/therapeutic application of the energy forms to body systems. The knowledge, procedures and devices simultaneously define the application of medical technology. Consequently, medical technology requires a foundation in both science and technology. In addition to science and technology, the basis for medical technology resides within the context of the social, political, and cultural world. Medical Technology is the application of energy forms to diagnose and treat body systems using ideas in science, application in technology, and we the consumption, experience the growing of economy because of new technology.

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