Brief Introduction:

Developments in medical science have led to the expansion of its domains seen through the increasing specialization of the medical field and the discovery of new strains of viruses and bacteria and the explanation of the cause of illnesses by improving Medical Technology in finding solution to benefit human.

Our Set presentation in Wiki:

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  • Draft Research = Compilation of different Medical Technology Researches
  • Western Medical Technology Research Work = Modern Operation (Robotics Technology)
  • Other research work on Western Medical = Other type of Modern Technology in other aspect of Medical field

Group H Report:
First of all, We would like to discuss our group progress report on how our team cooperatively organized despite our different locations thought-out the globe, through the modern way of communication such as chatting per se made this study better and easier. “Science and technology have liberated human beings from the drudgery and backwardness of the pre-scientific world” pp.11 – STS Module.

The day after Ma’am Sol announced our group, we posted in our moodle forum to Volt in Group H and we use Ning Network (http://www.ning.com) to establish our group by inviting them and be an official member to
UPOU_STS_Group_H url:( http://upoustsgrouph.ning.com/ ) We also used Google Chat & YM for our chat sessions to discuss our agendas and action points accordingly:

1st agenda: Set up leaders
Action point: Established two (2) Leaders

2nd agenda: Set up Teams & assign Leader/Asst. Leader & Members
Action point: We established 3 Teams (Team A: Research Team; Team B: Consolidation Team; Team C: Operation in wiki site and each Teams have Leader/Asst. Leader & Members (Our objective is to segregate the specific task to each team on our group)

3rd agenda: Set up Wikispace
Action point: We already built Wiki w/ logo and we are ready for our first evaluation.

Above list is our major action point. You can view more action points on this link url:(
http://upoustsgrouph.ning.com/ )